Kneipp- Arnica Cooling Gel

Kneipp- Arnica Cooling Gel

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The ARNICA COOLING GEL - “JOINT & MUSCLE” is a great refresher for tired muscles and legs especially in targeted areas. It absorbs quickly and contains two key powerful ingredients: arnica and camphor. Arnica has been used for centuries due to it's powerful botanical qualities. Camphor is especially helpful for its cooling effects. When combined, these botanicals blend together to produce an arnica gel that stands out for its quality and effectiveness.

When to Apply:

Apply at the first sign of muscle discomfort to get a headstart on recovery benefits. Apply the cooling arnica gel whenever you need to refresh tired muscles. Do not apply the gel to open cuts or wounds. The arnica gel can be applied to bruises, sprains and swelling as long as there is no open wound. 

Post Workout Recovery

After a workout or physically overexerting your body, take the edge off by applying arnica gel to help refresh and re-energize your body with a blast of soothing coolness. Take the care to refresh your body for the next workout and maintain your fitness journey.

Our product is vegan and is free of harmful chemicals found in other pain relief creams. It is loved by women, men and all ages who engage in sports and activities.

Soothing Joints and Muscles

Arnica is a powerful extract for soothing and comforting the body. It can be used every day to help provide temporary comfort. Kneipp products are plant-based and contain high-quality plant oils and extracts that intensely nourish and balance the skin. Since they are natural, vegan products, their fatty acid structure is very similar to the lipids in human skin, allowing the nutrients to be easily absorbed into the skin for faster results.

 Botanical Ingredient

Kneipp Arnica Plant for the Arnica Bath SaltArnica (Arnica Montana)

Arnica is a very versatile plant for athletes, walkers and those who are "on the go" all day. The Arnica Montana Flower extract can help soothe tired muscles.

Sourced Sustainably

The mountain Arnica is a protected plant and can only be collected with permission. At Kneipp, we take great care when it comes to preserving nature and are strongly committed to preservation and the balance of nature when creating our arnica products.